The Secret to Storytelling

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Here you can find a quick video recap of Iris’ talk, The Secret to Storytelling, as well as a handout from Iris that will prompt you to develop more powerful communications.

Iris gives live online communications workshops that help companies achieve the biggest ROI they can. If you’d like a team or organization to perform more effectively, get in touch at or

Trainings include:
– Storytelling and communication
– Virtual meetings and brainstorming
– Discovery and powerful questions
– Writing and winning language
– Increasing collaboration and empathy
– Making space for a diverse range of voices

Iris Mansour was a journalist for ten years—working at Reuters, Fortune and Mashable— regularly doing three stories a day about anything from Warby Parker, to riots and breakthroughs in cancer research.

It was one of the most intense storytelling environments in the world. This experience—and the storytelling, question-asking and communications tools that came with it—form the basis of all of her workshops.

Iris has taken tools from the world of journalism—tools that were built to serve the most prolific storytellers out there—and adapted them to the needs of marketing, sales, product teams, executives, managers, and more. So they can engage and influence audiences on every (and any) subject.